Winter collection 2018 / 2019


To ensure continuity with the summer 2018 collection, stripes leave the place to checks, for a contemporary silhouette; on coats, lighter fabrics for dresses and blouses, they play the mix and match at envy.

Dot patterns are also combined in several forms: pinhead, medium, two-tones or florals … They accentuate the graphic aspect of the checks and bring modernity and timelessness to the silhouette.

The focus is on small pieces such as shirts and blouses, knits collection grows with new yarns as well as jacquards.

Color palette is based on two axes: blues in three shades (Obscur, Lazuli, Opaline) and pink-reds (Tomato, Hermès, Bruyère), Prune makes the link between these two tones.

Of course we won’t forget the basics such as Black, Caramel and Beige. It will be the return of Grey, and touches on greens (Celadon, Sycamore) and a bright orange.

New desires, dull and soft colours, high-quality fabrics …

The winter 2018/2019 collection will give to women the pleasure to reinvent themselves and especially to feel good and in line with themselves.