LINEN : a well-being product

ZYGA’s spirit is expressed through a millenial plant : linen. Noble and natural fiber with numerous benefits and virtues.

Beneficial to the environment thanks to its low water consumption : a linen shirt saves 13 bottles of water (1.5 litre) which equals to almost 20 litres !
This plant is mainly cultivated in France and in Europe, on a coast line from Caen to Amsterdam, where it grows naturally, without human intervention, without irrigation, nor GMOs.

Linen is beneficial not only for the environment, but also for Men. Excellent plant for human body because thermoregulator, and used for more than 36 000 years. This is a breathable fabric : the air circulation is optimal, humidity is regulated all year long. The resistant fibers makes it a durable material, water resistant which softens even more after each washing without loosing the colors intensity. Moreover, linen goes through time without loosing its shape.

Researched for its flexibility, its natural freshness and confort, linen confers to each silhouette a natural and elegant allure.

TUTO : Homemade Linen

Step 1. Prepare soil : remove weeds, homogenize it. Linen isn’t demanding, no need to obtain a special soil !

Step 2. Saw seeds while ensuring to well espace it from each other. Recover seeding with 1 to 2 cm of soil and delicately crame it with your hands flat.

Step 3. Wait for ten days, young shoots of few centimetres will appear ! Two months are required to see the first flowers blooming. Linen blossoms in the morning, the petals with the heat effect, fall in the begining of the afternoon. Other flowers will appear the next day.

Step 4. In the fields, linen isn’t irrigated : rainwater is enough. In a pot, ensure to give it a bit of water.